LA Estimator

American Society of Professional Estimators

ASPE – Los Angeles Chapter 1

This is where it all began, Los Angeles – Chapter 1.

The American Society of Professional Estimators began in 1956. What started with fewer than 20 members in the Los Angeles area can boast today of thousands of members in chapters from border to border. ASPE was created with dedication and commitment to the idea of providing its members with tangible benefits:

-A professional society which promotes the highest standards and ethics in the practice of construction estimating.
-Continuing education through seminars and lectures on construction-related topics.
-Our magazine, Estimating Today, and local chapter newsletters carry technical, industry-related and other pertinent articles for the professional estimator.
-An opportunity to become recognized as a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE) through the completion of our training and testing program.
-A means of personally communicating with fellow professionals on a monthly and annual basis, providing an opportunity to exchange information and gain professional recognition for yourself and your company.

Education, Ethics, Standards, Certification, Fellowship..these lead to the ultimate goal –­Professionalism. We think you’ll agree. If all estimators were more professional, budget and other problems of the construction industry would be greatly reduced.